About the Scheme

VOBIS Sires is an enhancement to Victoria’s respected owner and breeder incentive scheme, VOBIS. Through Super VOBIS and VOBIS Gold owners and breeders compete millions of dollars of additional bonuses and prizemoney each year.

VOBIS Sires aims to encourage support of Victorian-based stallions and provide those that do invest in their progeny with the opportunity for lucrative returns.

The progeny of Victorian stallions nominated to VOBIS Sires will be eligible to compete in two exclusive races on the annual Victorian Owners and Breeders Raceday, currently held in April at Caulfield:

  • $1 million two-year-old race over 1200 metres to be run for the first time in early 2019; and
  • a $500,000 three-year-old race over 1600 metres to be run for the first time in early 2020.

The 2016 foal crop will be the first eligible for the $1.5 million VOBIS Sires feature races should their Victorian-based sire be entered into the scheme.

To build towards the introduction of VOBIS Sires, two races for Victorian sired horses will be run on the annual Victorian Owners & Breeders Day:

  • A $310,000 race (1200m) for Victorian sired two-year-olds in 2017 and 2018; and
  • A $310,000 race (1600m) for Victorian sired three-year-olds in 2018 and 2019.

For these introductory races, it is not necessary for a sire to be nominated to VOBIS Sires – all progeny of Victorian sired horses which are nominated to VOBIS Gold will be eligible to enter.

You can find VOBIS Sires information including the nomination form at Owner Racing website.

More info at owner.racing.com

For Victorian broodmare owners

By breeding a broodmare to a VOBIS Sires nominated stallion, a breeder can increase the value of that horse when it goes to the weanling/yearling sales and/or when it hits the racetrack. When thinking about which stallion to mate a broodmare to each season, breeders should look up the nominations list for that particular year. You can find the current year’s nominations at our 2019 Nominations page.

View Current Nominations

For racehorse owners, trainers & syndicators

The 2018 yearling sales will see the first crop of VOBIS Sire eligible yearlings pass through the auction ring. These are the yearlings born in 2017 from the mares covered in 2016. If you are thinking of buying a yearling, you should look up the VOBIS Sires nomination list of 2016.

View 2015 Nominations

For Victorian Stallion owners


Nominate your stallion with the VOBIS Sires nomination form, which can be found at Racing Victoria.

Once stallion owners submit the nomination form for each season they will be accredited by Racing Victoria to use the VOBIS Sires logo for stallion marketing purposes in that breeding season.

There is no upfront cost for a VOBIS Sires nomination. Upon stallion covering statistics being finalised at the end of each breeding season, nominators are sent an invoice for the VOBIS Sires nomination fee for their stallion/s. All nomination forms must be submitted to: vobis@racingvictoria.net.au

Download Nomination Form

Nomination Fee

If you are standing a stallion in Victoria, you should make sure it is nominated to VOBIS Sires. The annual nomination fee for VOBIS sires is:

a) For a sire covering 50 or more mares in the season: full advertised service fee

b) For a sire covering less than 50 mares in the season, the formula is: ‘number of mares covered’ x 0.02 x ‘advertised service fee’. For example, if a stallion with an advertised service fee of $5500 covers 9 mares, then the formula is: 9 x 0.02 x $5500 = $990 VOBIS Sires nomination fee for that season.

Stallion Nominators Bonus

Racing Victoria will pay a stallion nominator’s bonus for each of the $1 million 2yo VOBIS Sires races and $500,000 3yo VOBIS Sires races. 5% of the prizemoney will be allocated to nominator bonuses (i.e. $50,000 for the 2yo race & $25,000 for the 3yo race). The bonuses will paid to the stallion nominator of the race winner.